Your Go-To Guide for Clarifying Shampoo

Taking care of your hair can feel like a tedious process, but once you find a regimen that works for you — you’ll be unstoppable. First and foremost, identifying your hair type, texture, and color can help you determine the best product to use. There are so many different hair treatments on the market, but it’s important to avoid formulas that contain harsh chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and formaldehyde.

From hydrating and volumizing, to streng and clarifying, our products can make all of your hair care goals a living reality. Click on the button below to learn more about clarifying shampoo, and its amazing benefits for your luluscious locks.


When you find a hair care brand that you can trust, there is no turning back. We hope that our loyal customers love our hair care products as much as we love crafting them. Our Clarifying Shampoo is specially-designed with organic ingredients such as collagen, keratin, and natural oils to remove up to 99% of heavy, dulling residue, reduce oilines, and help open the hair cuticle for maximum absorption to restore natural hydration to your lock.

Unlike most clarifying shampoos available, our powerful formula is nourishing so your hair can look smooth and glowing all-day-long! The mix of ingredients can strengthen and revitalize your hair from the roots, giving it the bouncy volume that you so desperately desire. Detox your mane now with DAMANCI Clarifying Shampo, and know what true empowerment-rich hair feels like!

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