4 Helpful Tips to Properly Wash Your Luscious Locks

Expressing yourself through your haircut or hairstyle can be such an empowering experience. It doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short, dark or light, straight or curly… Your gorgeous strands can surely grab the attention of others when you enter a room.

If your hair isn’t meeting your expectations, it may be due to poor washing techniques. Continue reading to learn more about how to properly wash your luscious locks:

Reduce Frequency of Washes

There are so many different hair types out there. No matter which hair type you have, it’s important to not overwash it. Those who manage oily, thin hair may wash it on a more frequent basis. But, washing your hair daily can strip its natural oils, leading to brittle, dry hair. It can also promote the development of dandruff and flaking. Surprisingly enough, washin your hair too frequently can actually result in even more oil!

Many of us are unfamiliar with our scalp microbiome. When it is out of balance, it can really affect the appearance of your precious hair. It can lead to inhibited hair growth, fragile strands, and breakage. Those with thick, curly hair can typically space out washes every few days to prevent frizziness and dullness.

Overall, hair specialists recommend washing your hair at most 3 times a week, depending on your hair type. If you wash more than that, it can also lead to unwanted residue build up.

Use Lukewarm Water

Running a hot bath after a long, gruelling day may seem like a great idea, but it can really scorch your hair, leaving it rather lifeless. Not to mention that color-treated hair can also fade quicker when it is exposed to high temperatures. Instead, you should wash your locks with lukewarm water to help rinse out the products entirely.

Warm water is known to open the hair cuticle, and allows the shampoo and conditioner to nourish the strands with nutrients and antioxidants. P.S. You can finish your wash with cool water to help seal the cuticle shut in order to lock in moisture!

Avoid Rough Scrubbing

Even though it seems like common sense to wash your hair delicately, many people out there scrub their scalp abrasively, which leads to cuts, dry skin, dandruff, and sometimes infection. Instead, it’s recommended to lather your roots first, and work the product gently through your hair strands with your fingertips and palms.

Washing your hair with shampoo should only take about 3 minutes to properly remove dirt, oils, and other built-up debris. Then, follow up with a trusted conditioner to prevent the ends of your hair from splitting. Remember, only apply conditioner to the middle and ends of your hair strands for maximum efficiency.

Choose the Right Products

You can perfect your hair-washing techniques, but if you are not using the right products for your hair type, you will not see the results you so desperately desire. From clarifying to moisturizing, and volumizing to purifying, the possibilities for hair care products are practically endless! Depending on what you want to accomplish, your shampoo and conditioner should do most of the work for you. Choose your duo carefully, and you will notice big changes in your hair texture and overall appearance.

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