As an environmentally-conscious brand, we are proud of the action our community takes every day in building a better tomorrow, making an undeniably strong daily effort to conserve the resources of the only planet we have. All of the parties involved contribute with either a direct commitment, working for the company, or indirectly, through the purchase of eco-friendly consumer goods.


DAMANCI is sustainability made: being eco-conscious is deeply embedded in our core since the start. Being green is a fundamental belief system that has inspired all action coming forth. This way, we protect you by making sure all our products are free of parabens, salt, and sulfates, and our habitat by using only products that are organic, recycled, cruelty-free, and 100% American-made.

Sustainably-Sourced Ingredients

Ingredients are sourced from the highest quality products in sustainable ways from sustainable origins. We make it a point of honor to use all naturally-derived ingredients, organic essential oils, and eco-friendly ingredients to do our part in caring for the world. Choosing to source ingredients with close consideration to the impact on the environment means responsible action - not only accountable to the environment but also aware of the social impacts related to the production and farming of our formula’s ingredients.

Cruelty-Free Brand

Our brand is Leaping Bunny approved - look for the bunny logo. This means we never do testing on animals. We pride ourselves on using products that are animal-friendly, meaning no animal was harmed or has suffered in the making of our products.

Recycled Materials – For a Low Ecological Footprint

There is no planet B. DAMANCI’s products are created with that in mind. We want to do as much as possible to reduce waste and preserve our oceans and lands. For us, reducing our carbon footprint means a commitment to recycling materials of everyday use, like packaged products.

Shipping Materials that Protect the Earth

Reusing material isn’t the only way to make a conscious effort to save the earth. The whole of our recyclable packaging process is aimed at reducing our carbon footprint as a conscious brand, committed to our guiding principle – doing All the Good.


To achieve this, we not only invest in post-consumer recyclable containers and boxes, but we also work tirelessly to develop new forms of packaging that fit the products we are shipping perfectly - so no space wasted.

Earth-Friendly Changes

Protecting our blue and green globe is a job that never ends. Standards related to preserving the environment are ever-changing and DAMANCI ensures to be on top of these changes by being future-focused and striving to always improve its environmental policies as well as being a voice of citizenship values.