DAMANCI Pure Intense Mask

We are obsessed with the properties of our products. We are committed to creating sulfate-free, paraben-free, salt-free and cruelty-free formulas, without compromising effectivity.

One of our most loved products is the DAMANCI PURE INTENSE MASK, a hair mask that deeply nourishes, heals and renews, making hair silky soft and easy to manage.

How does it work?

  • This mask can be used daily and works for all hair types.
  • You can leave it in for 4 to 5 minutes, and then gently rinse it off while massaging your hair.
  • If you want a more luxurious self-care ritual, you can apply a mix of different oils of your preference, like our Elixir Argan Oil, and leave those in for about 20-35 minutes before taking a shower; then smooth on our mask, wrap your hair in a plastic bag and apply heat for up to 15 minutes. Rinse and massage, and experience the feel of smoother, softer hair.

Formula Highlights

The formula is packed with rich antioxidants, natural oils and other high-performance ingredients meant to increase shine and improve hair’s texture and elasticity. The result is a product best defined by versatility: one you could use for either a quick shower or a long, relaxing bath, making it a perfect addition to your vanity and/or bath cabinet.

You can acquire our PURE INTENSE MASK by itself or within one of our curated kits, such as the DISCOVERY KIT ZERØ FORMALDEHYDE KERATIN TREATMENT and the ZERØ KERATIN TREATMENT KIT.

Directions for the DAMANCI Pure Intense Mask
  • Apply hair Mask liberally through hair. Leave in 4-5 minutes. For intense treatment wrap your hair with a plastic bag and apply heat for up to 15 minutes. Massage your scalp under a stream of warm water before the final rinse to reactivate the formula.

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Pure Intense Mask

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