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Properly managed hair feels like a superpower ‘cause it’s such a confidence booster. Every day is not so lucky that this works though. Not to worry: Argan Cream ensures that this superpower does not vanish.

Yes, Argan Cream. We're focusing on why Argan Cream recently gained the most interest among other hair care products. Does it genuinely do wonders for hair? The DAMANCI Team has done extensive research on it. Let's see what they’ve come up with!

Which hair problems can Argan Cream help you with and how?

Any hair cream is designed to solve numerous hair problems, especially Frizzy hair, Dry and Brittle hair, Breakage and falling. The use of a hair cream helps to fix these hair problems whether you’re facing them generally or it's a seasonal issue; in Autumn, people experience more hair breakage and dryness than at any other time of the year.

Argan oil is a naturally derived, lightweight oil, rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids (that are unsaturated). The formulation of an Argan-based hair cream ensures that it does not clog the hair follicles or oil glands, nor weigh down the hair. These factors contribute to making hair healthy, and create a physical barrier around hair cells and the whole hair strand to protect it.

Benefits of Argan Cream:

Argan Cream moisturizes and hydrates hair, and increases hair elasticity to avoid breakage. The cream instantly repairs the outermost layer of hair to make it frizz-free, and provides deep nutrition to prevent roughness and make hair flowy, soft, and shiny.

Naturally, you can only enjoy Argan Cream’s benefits if it is genuine. Don't waste your time and money trying different hair creams to find the right one. We at DAMANCI, have already formulated the ultimate hair revitalizing product, Elixir Argan Cream.

Time-saving, on-the-go haircare Tips/Routines with Argan Cream:

You can easily follow these tips in less than 15 minutes.

Use Argan Cream as Leave-in Conditioner:

Argan Cream, as a leave-in conditioner, keeps hair moisturized and will reduce hair breakage during combing and styling. Here are the steps to do it.

  • Shampoo your hair according to the directins on the packaging.
  • Skip the usual conditioner
  • Towel-dry yout hair
  • Squeeze some Elixir Argan Cream into yout hands. Rub the cream in your hands and apply generously to the hair

    Use Argan Cream as a Styling Product:

    Argan cream works as an anti-frizz treatment and keeps hair hydrated and more elegant.

    Here's how you can do that.

    • Take a small amount of Elixir Argan Cream on your palms. Rub hands together to spread it.
    • Apply it to clean, dry hair.
    • Don't massage the cream in the air. Ligjhtly coat the air surface by gently mving your hands over the air.
    • Style hair as you want, i.e., add curls or waves to it.

    With Elixir Argan Cream you can even save money, as there will be no need to use a separate conditioner and styling cream.

    Want to know more about this product? Click here to view its pricing and ingredients!

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