Why Argan Oil?

There are probably tons of oil names you’ve heard, so we made sure to pick the one that has the most benefits; after all, your hair is nature’s garment for your face-- your presentation card. If you want to know more about the wonders of Argan Oil, take a peek ahead!

Origin and Uses

Argan Oil, also known as liquid gold, comes from the kernels of the Argan trees which are indigenous to Morocco. In Morocco, it has countless applications. For culinary purposes, it is commonly used for bread at breakfast, as a dressing on salads, pasta, and couscous. For cosmetic purposes, it is used on the skin and of course on the hair (which is our favorite use).

Benefits for your Hair

One of the most magical features of Argan oil is that it repairs damaged hair almost instantly. It also makes your hair stronger thanks to its many minerals and nutrients, such as vitamins A and E, linoleic acid, Omega-6, and packed antioxidants that revive and stimulate your hair to heal and remain healthy.

In a nutshell: if you want soft, glossy, frizz-free, easy-to-handle, strong hair, Argan oil is by far your best ally.

Argan Oil in DAMANCI

You can find this extraordinary asset in our Elixir Argan Cream and in our Elixir Argan Oil (Liquid Gold), the latter made with pure and exquisite, certified Argan oil. Both are developed with a residue-free formula that deeply penetrates into the hair and scalp and is packed with vitamin E, minerals and antioxidants that fortify, hydrate, soften and protect your hair.

Directions of use for Elixir Argan Oil:

  • Apply a few drops of essential oil onto your palms and rub them together to activate;
  • Smooth onto moist or dry hair, distribute throughout the hair, mainly at the ends.
  • Recommended for daily use for all types of hair. Can be used before blow dry or flat iron.

Elixir Argan Oil


Directions of use for Elixir Argan Cream:

  • Pour a small amount into palm to hands,
  • Then apply evenly throughout towel-dried hair.
  • Blow dry or flat iron afterward and style as desired.

Elixir Argan Cream

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