Discover DAMANCI®

DAMANCI is a born and bred American brand founded in 2013 by expert beauticians, stylists and scientists, all committed to a single guiding principle—All that is good. The company had one goal: to distinguish itself from other brands by focusing on offering customers the highest-quality hair products, which go as far as cutting styling time in half! The strategy was to use a unique combination of natural ingredients and innovative technology to create a special solution for every hair type, rendering a complete collection of highly-customizable formulas for both haircare professionals and end-users.

Our Product Concept

Care for our customers and our planet is an integral part of our mission:

  • Infused with certified organics oils
  • Free of parabens, salt and sulfates
  • 100% made in USA
  • 100% post-consumer waste recycled bottle
  • 100% not tested on animals
  • 100% you.
  • Formulated to be good for you, for the planet and for all

Our Promise To You

We combine science and beauty to not only make your hair look its youthful best; DAMANCI will also save time. Our products contain the best natural organic ingredients combined innovatively to create the most complete and effective anti-aging products.

Our commitment is to enhance the natural beauty of every woman by continuously providing the highest quality products to everyone around the world. The meeting of science and beauty is what makes DAMANCI a modern lifestyle symbol of simplicity, empowerment and elegance.

DAMANCI is a Fusion of Passion, Science, Quality, Integrity and Innovation

Passion is the driving force that permeates our entire organization. We have a sense of mission and absolutely love what we do– helping women look and feel their best.

Science is an integral part of the DAMANCI brand. Tireless hours of research and development have been dedicated to studying the aging process and to offer our customers the most effective products possible. Our products’ results are evidence of success in these endeavors.

Unsurpassed Quality makes our exclusive natural formulas efficient, powerful and luxurious. When combined, it is a complete system solution designed to change the molecular structure of hair from its inner core out, improving the manageability and appearance of all types of hair. This helps to defy signs of aging while enhancing or bringing back beautiful, healthy and younger-looking hair.

Integrity means that we use only the finest ingredients and safest processes. We will never cut corners.

Innovation goes hand in hand with passion. We are on a never-ending quest to improve our products. We are also consistently developing new product lines to fulfill the emerging needs of our core customer – today’s modern woman.

Experience the DAMANCI difference, take More Time to Shine!